Ultimate Guide to Residential Vastu Consultancy: Wisdom from Astrologer Hemant Venus- Top Vastu consultant in India

Welcome to the definitive guide on Residential Vastu Consultancy, meticulously crafted under the esteemed guidance of Astrologer Hemant Venus, a luminary in the field of Vastu Shastra. Astrologer Hemant Venus, with his profound expertise, has been transforming homes and lives across India, with his presence strongly rooted in Delhi, Pune, and Kolkata. This guide is a reservoir of Vastu wisdom, designed to bring harmony, prosperity, and well-being into your living spaces without the need for demolition. Let’s embark on this journey to creating a Vastu-perfect home, tailor-made for flats and houses in India’s urban landscapes.


  1. Introduction to Vastu Shastra and Astrologer Hemant Venus

  2. Vastu for Flats: Entrance to Exit

   – Entrance
   – Living Room
   – Kitchen
   – Bedrooms
   – Bathrooms
   – Windows and Balconies
   – Paint and Colors
   – Plants and Greenery
  1. Specialized Vastu Advice for Different Cities

   – Vastu for Flats in Delhi
   – Vastu for Houses in Pune
   – Vastu for Residences in Kolkata
  1. Remedies for Vastu Dosha Without Demolition

  2. How Vastu Can Influence Health, Wealth, and Happiness

  3. Contacting Astrologer Hemant Venus for Personal Consultations

Introduction to Vastu Shastra and Astrologer Hemant Venus

Vastu Shastra, an ancient Indian science of architecture and space design, aims to align the energies of a space to enhance health, wealth, and happiness. Astrologer Hemant Venus, a top Vastu consultant in Delhi, Pune, and Kolkata, has been at the forefront of this science, providing tailored consultancy that assures visible changes within three days. With offices in these cities, his approach is unique—no demolition, just potent remedies to cure any Vastu Dosha.

Vastu for Flats: Entrance to Exit

Entrance  :The entrance of your flat is the gateway to energy flow. It should ideally face North or East to welcome  positive vibes. Ensure the entrance is clutter-free and well-lit to attract prosperity.

Living Room :- The living room should face East or North, promoting social interactions and positive energy. The furniture should be placed in the South-West direction, ensuring free movement.

Kitchen :- Position your kitchen in the South-East corner, the zone of fire, to ensure good health and well-being. Keep the cooking platform facing East to enhance culinary experiences.

Bedrooms :- The master bedroom should be in the South-West for stability; children’s rooms can be in the North-West. Beds should face West or South to promote peaceful sleep.


Bathrooms should be located in the North-West corner, away from the kitchen and prayer room, to maintain the purity and energy balance.

Windows and Balconies

Windows and balconies should be oriented towards the North or East to allow ample sunlight and fresh air, vitalizing the home’s energy.

Paint and Colors

Opt for soothing colors like light blue, green, or yellow to maintain the balance of elements and energize spaces positively.

Plants and Greenery

Incorporate green plants in the North-East corner to enhance oxygen flow and positive energy throughout your home.

Specialized Vastu Advice for Different Cities

 Vastu for Flats in Delhi: Considering Delhi’s fast-paced lifestyle, focus on creating a serene space that welcomes peace and prosperity. A water feature in the North-East can bring tranquility.


Vastu for Houses in Pune: With Pune’s blend of modernity and tradition, ensure your home respects the ancient wisdom of Vastu while catering to contemporary needs. The living area should be vastu-compliant to invite harmony.


Vastu for Residences in Kolkata: Embrace the cultural richness of Kolkata by integrating traditional Vastu elements with modern aesthetics, ensuring a balanced and prosperous living environment.


Remedies for Vastu Dosha Without Demolition

 Astrologer Hemant Venus specializes in providing effective remedies that do not require demolition. From strategically Astro-Vastu treatments we correct any Vastu faults seamlessly.


How Vastu Can Influence Health, Wealth, and Happiness

Adhering to Vastu principles can significantly enhance your life quality, impacting health, wealth, and overall happiness. A Vastu-compliant home ensures a harmonious flow of energy, fostering an environment of well-being and prosperity.


Contacting Astrologer Hemant Venus for Personal Consultations

For personalized Vastu consultancy that transforms your living space into a source of positive energy and abundance, reach out to Astrologer Hemant Venus team.Connect with them over call / whatsapp at -+91-8017835720. With offices in Delhi, Pune, and Kolkata, his expertise is accessible to all seeking a harmonious and prosperous living environment.

This guide is a testament to Astrologer Hemant Venus’s commitment to spreading the knowledge and benefits of Vastu Shastra. By embracing these principles, you invite harmony, health, and happiness into your home, under the expert guidance of one of India’s top Vastu consultants.


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