Astrologer Hemant Venus specializes in offering expert guidance in the realms of astrology and vastu. With over 15 years of experience and a wealth of knowledge, Astrologer Hemant can guide you through the mysteries of celestial influences and optimizing the energy flow within your living spaces. His guidance and advice can help you achieve success, prosperity and peace in your personal and professional lives. Whether you are seeking a solution to your personal issues or you are looking to harmonize your surroundings, we are here to help you on your journey to a more balanced and enlightened life

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Offline Services

In-Depth, Personalized Consultations

Available exclusively across Maharashtra, with a dedicated service office in Pune, our offline services include: Advance Booking Required: To ensure personalized service, bookings must be made at least 7 days in advance for both online and offline consultations

Residential Vastu

Harmonize Your Living Space

Discover the tranquility and balance of a home optimized with Astro-Vastu principles. Our Residential Vastu service transforms your living environment into a sanctuary of peace, prosperity, and positive energy. Regardless of your familiarity with Vastu Shastra, we guide you through a 

seamless journey to enhance your home’s vibe, ensuring: 

  • Tailored Vastu layout planning for entrances, bedrooms, kitchens, and living areas. 
  • Personalized recommendations to align your space with natural energies. 
  • Strategies to improve health, wealth, and happiness for all inhabitants. 

Transform Your Home Today! Call us to schedule a visit and embrace the harmony of a perfectly balanced living space.

Commerical Vastu

Book Your Business Environment

Elevate your business to new heights with our Commercial Vastu services. Whether it’s a retail shop, an office, or a showroom, we provide Vastu solutions that attract success and customer satisfaction. 

Engage with us to discover how Vastu can: 

  • Enhance the flow of positive energy in workspaces. 
  • Improve employee productivity and well-being. 
  • Attract prosperity and strengthen customer relationships.

Energize Your Business Space! Contact us for a comprehensive Vastu analysis and let prosperity flow into your commercial endeavors.

Industrial Vastu

Optimize Your Manufacturing and Storage

Transform your industrial venture with strategic Vastu consultancy tailored for factories, warehouses, and manufacturing units.
Our Industrial Vastu service is designed to: 

  • Maximize productivity by optimizing the layout for machinery and storage. 
  • Ensure the well-being and safety of workers. 
  • Promote smooth operations and financial growth through precise Vastu adjustments. 

Propel Your Industrial Success! Book a consultation and harness the power of Vastu for unparalleled efficiency and growth.

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Astrologer Hemant Venus

Astrologer Hemant Venus delivers specialized Astro-Vastu consultancy, tailored to your horoscope for homes, offices, and industries. Employing scientific diagnostics, our solutions are crafted to resolve issues and enhance growth, well-being, and prosperity through time-honored Vastu principles. Seek our expert advice for residential, commercial, and industrial spaces, and let positive energy and balance become the foundation of your environment. Connect with us for lasting Vastu solutions that work in harmony with your life.

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Dilan S

Consulting Hemant Venus ji was a turning point for me. Not only did he help resolve my marital issues with empathy and understanding, but his astrological insights also guided me through career challenges. His deep knowledge and practical advice brought clarity and progress in my professional life. I am deeply grateful for his wisdom and the positive path he showed me. Truly, his guidance has been a beacon of hope and transformation in my life.


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