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    DR Hemant Venus

    A practitioner of of Vastu Shastra, Life coach & Mentor, Astrology for over 15 Years. From a very early age, he exhibited a keen interest in astrology and seemed to correctly understand every facet of the science – from the positioning of the planets, to the various signs and houses. Right after his graduation, he decided to pursue his childhood passion and later turned it into a full-time profession, and today he has given accurate predictions & remedies to transform lives of thousands of people across the country
    He is known for his 100% accurate predictions, solving almost all kinds of Vastu issues, and giving effective remedies that work towards the benefit of Residential & Commercial Vastu Shastra like Vastu for flats, factories, industries, shops, offices, etc.
    Astrologer Hemant Venus has been awarded the most promising Astrology & the best Vastu Shastra Consultant in India by popular Indian actors and celebrities like Miss Huma Qureshi, Miss India International, Miss Zoya Afros, and many more.

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    Astrologer Hemant Venus is amongst very few consultants In Kolkata, west Bengal who have expertise in correcting vastu without demolitions.


    Astrologer Hemant Venus has the proper qualification and knowledge about remedies, hence solves all issues via astrology and vastu proven remedies and takes guarantee of his work.

    He has been trusted by thousands of people worldwide and secures privacy and provide support as required.



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