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September 6, 2021

Placement of a Temple or Mandir in your home plays a very significant role according to Vastu in the happiness and prosperity of your family. The direction and facing of a temple according to Vastu Shastra can bring you money and wealth in your life and if done wrongly it can also havenegative effects. Let’s first understand the actual meaning of mandir(temple). The word Mandir means-inside our “Mann” (or heart) i.e. “The door to mind”. And when we talk about a mandir the first thing that comes to our minds is statues or idols(murti) and pictures of a deity.

Essentially there are two important aspects that one should keep in mind while placing and worshipping a deity in your homes according to the Vastu Shastra. First, which God or Goddess’ picture or statue will be placed in that temple and second, is direction of the temple. Both these
things have a combined effect which together creates impact on your subconscious mind.

According to Hindu dharma every God and Goddess connects in their own symbolic way with us and create a different impact on our life. For example, when we talk about Lord Shri Ram, we talk about a man of principles. So, a person who worships Lord Shri Ram will always be conscious of his principles. When we talk about Shri Krishan ji, we talk about his worldly wisdom, so a person who worships him will seek wisdom in his life. Similarly Lord Ganesh ji, for example is known for his intelligence so if you are seeking intelligence and intellect one should worship him. Therefore, subconsciously you connect with different Gods and Goddesses and that creates massive impact in your life.

Now, According to Vastu Shastra, the Ideal direction for a temple at your home would be in the North East and you should be facing East while doing the pooja in your mandir. Now if it is not possible to place the Mandir in North East you should always take care to avoid these four
directions- South-South West, East South East, South and West North West other than these all other directions are acceptable.

Now according to the direction that a temple is placed, the attributes of that particular direction start becoming visible in you. From the perspective of Vaastu, a temple should not be placed in South or South-South West direction of your house because this is a direction from where energies flow out and if you place a God there then that Gods’ energies will start getting drained out. For example, if your temple is in South-South West and Lord Ganesh ji is placed there, then on subconscious level your intelligence will work less. Or if there is Shiv parivar, then maybe you might see some fights or problems in the family leading to unhappiness. Similarly in every direction the impact of the temple and the deity is visible. So try to avoid the placement of temple in these four directions South of South West, East of South East, South and West of North West and in all the rest of directions temple can be placed.

Every God and Goddess has a particular place so if your temple is in that direction then please ensure that at least that God or Goddess should be placed there. North is the direction for Lord Ganesh, North East for Shiv/Shiv Parivar, East for Lord Shri Ram, South East for Laxmi ji etc. Now, if you want to gain wealth and abundance you should worship Lord Ganesh and Goddess Laxmi in either North or South East direction. Since Lord Ganesh is known for his intelligence, he will shower his blessings upon you in the form of intellect and wisdom and it will help you to prosper in your business and eventually money and wealth will automatically come in.

Apart from the direction, try to avoid placing a Temple in your bed room, if that is not possible make sure to put a curtain on the temple. Avoid placing it under any staircase, also avoid placing two or more idols or pictures of the same God or Goddess in the same temple. Use a Brass base for Jyoti/ Fire to balance the fire zone.

Although it is said that God is everywhere and in all the directions but sometimes with the help of knowledge of Vastu it creates massive positive impacts on our lives and if neglected some negative impacts can also be seen.

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