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September 3, 2021

Vastu Shastra which is also known as “science of architecture” has been engaged in India for centuries. While deciding, designing, or constructing a site arrangement of a house, all the Vastu principles are often considered. This science is followed to reserve the positive energy in the home and maintain peace, prosperity, and good luck. Vaastu isn't only a study that deals with the position, or direction of every room, it also advises you on the foremost suitable use of colours and ornamental elements.

Here we are going to share with you 5 Vastu tips that you should keep in mind before buying/ building a new residence.

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These tips will help you create positive and happy vibes around you and your loved ones residing in the house.

1. Doorway of the house
According to Vastu, the East is the most powerful direction as the sun also rises from the same direction. Hence it is advisable to have your house’s entrance from the East route. You can also build a large window towards this direction to experience its positive vibes. However, Favourable direction vary for individuals. so consult a vastu consultant, who can help you with customised vastu guidance for your Flat according your horoscope. [https://www.vastumastery.com/productdetails?id=504]

2. Kitchen location
The kitchen should be located at the Southeast corner of your house. It is also suggested to cook while facing the East direction.

3. Furniture/ Fittings in wood
Wooden furniture preferably in regular shapes like squares or rectangles can bring peace and order to your house as per norms of Vastu dimensions.

4. Bed in the South
You can place your bed in every corner i.e, East, West, South direction but never in the North. However, it is recommended to keep the bed in the Southwest corner for maximum gains.

5. Flow of air in Living rooms

Never block your doors or windows with furniture like sofas, chairs, or tables. Blocking the entrance of fresh air is not recommended. Try to keep your living space as free as possible.

5 Vastu philosophies to consider before constructing a house (Part 2)

Welcome to Part 2 of this series.
In the last article, we have already shared 5 tips that you should consider before buying or constructing a new house. In this part, we are going to share with you 5 additional tips that will help you create positive and happy vibes for your family in the house.

1. Suitable location for Bathroom
Your bathroom should always be located in the North or Northwest zone of the house. It should never be in the South, South-west, or South-east direction as that can harm the health of the home residents.

2. Shape of your Rooms

Rooms in unequal shapes can cause worries or hardships. For example, Octagonal rooms can harm your finances, while Triangular rooms can stop you from prospering. L-shaped or T-shaped rooms can be harmful too. A Square or Rectangle is the best shape for a room since it ensures harmony and balance.

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  1. Angle for Doors
    The entrance door should open at 90 degrees, consistent with Vastu. This way, positive energy can enter your house effortlessly. Avoid placing anything behind the doors so that there’s no obstruction.

4- Use of House Paints
colors are recommended by Vastu experts. Pick every color carefully as it has a significant positive or negative impact on your relations and mood.

5- Overhead Beams
Exposed Ceiling beams can cause depression, quarrels, and conflicts in your house. It is highly recommended to avoid them as per Vastu guidance.

IT’s not practical in today’s world to get a perfect house with shape, size and fulfilling all requirements.

So there are always the remedies which can help you with the vastu correction and get the balance you require in the house.

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