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Astrology For Marriage, Kundli Matching, kundli Matchmaking by Astrologer Hemant Venus
April 18, 2022

Understanding the Concept of Kundali Matching in Matrimony

kundli matching

Marriage is a match made in heaven and in India, we need to complete the heavenly duties that need to be accomplished on earth itself. A lot of times we look at people who suddenly get married and often complain about problems in the long run. Therefore, we can say that astrology plays a vital role in fulfilling wedding alliances.  Therefore, Parents want to analyze the horoscope of the bride and groom to guarantee whether their stars are compatible or not for marriage.

A lot of people these days rely on the Kundli matchmaking calculator and try to perform experiments all by themselves, it has very low rates of success and often creates problems in the long run. Actually, the need for Kundli Matching, as well as marriage matchmaking using the date of birth, begins from the child’s birth itself and as you can figure out the various position of stars and time of birth decides the luck of that child as well as can discover whether a marriage will be late or early.

How is Astrology Important for Predicting Marriage Date?

Sometimes we find that we have a lot of compatibilities and sometimes a lot of self-doubts arouse whether you are ready or not or will need some time to re-think, even sometimes its not easy to forget the past relationships and suddenly being a part of the sudden relationship creates a lot of havoc. Therefore, when people should feel happy about the happiest days in their life they end up staying sad overthinking about this matter unable to comprehend what is actually going wrong.

Only a learned and the best astrologer in Kolkata can specify or bring light to the fact about the importance of the planets of the potential bride and groom, their state of existence, the combination of the divine planets, and how much success they are entitled to claim. All such situations are clarified. Please understand that as far as Astrology is concerned, astrology for marriage is one of the most significant occasions in one’s life and the chart indications are similar regardless of whether the marriage is ‘love’ or ‘arranged’. Best Astrologer in Kolkata Hemant venus will be able to highlight any type of marriage-related subject.

Role of an Astrologer and the Lord Planets in Predicting Marriage

Therefore in astrology matchmaking, an astrologer can beautifully assist you in this matter as you attract what you focus on, and the astrologer Hemant Venus can give you the practical reason in assistance to the horoscope reading that would transform your worries into better days with practical remedies.

The prevailing view is that Venus is the significator of the groom in the horoscope and Jupiter is the significator of the bride in the horoscope. There are 36 Gunas in astrology that determines compatibility. However, that is not the final solution because sometimes a couple with the marriage matchmaking using date of birth along with the enlightening 16 Gunas still has a successful marriage. So you see, it’s all about understanding the various Sthana in astrology.
The 7th house in the horoscope is important, the planet that facilitates astrology for marriage is Venus. The list of auspicious planets includes Jupiter (Guru), Venus, Shukra), Mercury (Budh) and Moon.

Significant Things about Kundali Matching we focus on for Predicting Love & Arranged Marriage

The various combinations of these planets in a person’s horoscope lays the groundwork for other circumstances.

  1. To begin with, in kundli matchmaking, one must match the position of the planet Venus in the horoscope. If it is rightly placed in the 3rd, 10th, 11th, or the house of the ascendant planet, it is likely to have an arranged marriage.
  2. The importance of the various Sthans; like the Kutumbh Sthana or the second house for financial stability.
  3. The 4th house or the Sukh Sthana is crucial for determining post-marital bliss or domestic happiness. 
  4. The compatibility of the 5th house which represents love with the 7th house is meaningful.
  5. Above all the relation of the 8th house represents the longevity, the longevity of the latter days, the healthy or unhealthy bonds, etc.
  6. Likewise, if the planets Venus and Saturn are in confluence with Mars in a powerful position within your horoscope; you are likely to have a love marriage. However, marrying someone with a romantic feeling or whether the union would be with the approval of parents is still a question that only the best astrologer in Kolkata can answer.

These are some of the key points that readily predict or answer all the necessary doubts related to weddings but there is much more to add. To conclude, the 7th planet really matters, and to understand the Kundli matchmaking and astrology matchmaking status of you and your better half to answer multiple questions related to prosperity, health, bond-building, karma, growth, and respect for one another, etc.

Leave your doubts and get in touch with the Astrologer soon

Astrology for Marriage is significant as marriage can either make a person or break a person. A thorough understanding of the astrology matchmaking of the individual’s horoscope will reveal several solutions and we can provide you with good and decisive remedies without any extravagance. Likewise, you are more than welcome to share your issues with us and we are always ready to welcome everyone and believe to establish a more than the professional bond that would work even in the long run. For more information kindly visit our website https://astrologerhemantvenus.in/ taking the first step of progress toward a blissful marriage matchmaking using date of birth.

We provide helpful restoratives other than prescribing stones, gems, removing doshas, arranging pujas, etc. Therefore, you see the Kundali analysis is the answer, and These days individuals are easily falling prey to the free astrology for marriage prediction online and end up getting unrealistic results but please do not follow the crowd if you are looking forward to a healthy marriage.

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